Installing artifical grass

Marley sports and play surfaces ltd offer a fully comprehensive installation service. Using our experience installing football pitches, tennis courts, cricket facilities and playground surfacing we are able to offer you your own professionally installed artificial grass lawn.


The process begins with removing your existing turf, slabs, concrete, tarmac or gravel . This is usually between 50-100mm. We will also carry out any additional ground works or landscaping in preparation or addition to your new artificial lawn.

We will then install an appropriate edge detail to ensure your artificial grass is secure at the perimeter. Installed professionally, our methods will compliment your existing patios, block pavers, planters, borders or pathways. Our installation technique uses no visible fixing and ensures the grass is secure with no trip hazards.

Installing a geotextile weed membrane over the excavated ground ensures your lawn will be free from worm cast. This membrane also acts as a stabilisation for the stone base and will prevent the stone aggregate migrating through to the sub soil.

The stone base is then imported onto the membrane. A heavy duty MOT hard core is laid and compacted at a depth of a minimum of 50mm. This may be increased to stabilise wet or poor draining ground. A final layer of 0-4mm aggregate dust is levelled and compacted to give a smooth flat surface for your new artificial grass to be installed. Using the aggregate dust allows us to shape and blend the finished level of your lawn to suit the natural curves and contours of your garden.

Finally your new artificial grass is installed over the compacted base, our professional installations team are able to trim around existing trees and planters. We use a specialist jointing machine to ensure all joints are fully bonded and secure joints should appear almost invisible. Once secured and jointed your new artificial grass will be power brushed using a specialist brush to stimulate the carpet fibres and replicate a well-cared for natural lawn.